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Katholische Pfarrkirche St. Maria- Himmelfahrt

Katholische Pfarrkirche St. Maria Himmelfahrt
Römerstraße 104
54347 Neumagen-Dhron


According to an inscription on a stone plate on the inner wall of the tower, the predecessor building of today’s Catholic parish church was consecrated by Archbishop Johann (Patrocinium St Mary virg. Catherine and Margaret, today Sankt Maria Himmelfahrt) on October 19 in 1190. The tower of the original Romanesque site is preserved, whereas the rest of the church was newly erected by the last lord of Neumagen, Count Christian Heinrich of Sayn-Wittgenstein, in 1792-93. The new church was built according to plans of master builder Nikolas Goergen from the Electorate of Trier. The church is a roofed hall with a half-rounded choir in the east with quarry stone masonry and a low wooden ceiling. In 1964, the baroque equipment was rearranged and partly remodelled in the course of an interior renovation. (Source: Rheinische Kunststätten 1976, no. 135, pp. 16-17)