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Katholische Pfarrkirche St. Marien

Kirche St. Marien
54492 Zeltingen-Rachtig


Since the nave became dilapidated at the turn of the century, a new church was erected in 1906. It was built according to plans of Cathedral master builder Julius Wirtz: A late Romanesque basilica of slate quarry stones. Only the old tower was preserved. The new design shows the characteristics and the splendour of late historicism in form and material. The centre aisle has a cross-ribbed vault on top of polished granite columns; the flanking aisles have barrel vaults with fitted ribs. In 1725, the square-shaped west tower (64.5 metres in height) was built according to plans of master builder Philipp Honorius Ravensteyn of the Electoral Trier. The portal and the niche figure depicting immaculacy are worth seeing. The equipment of the predecessor building (from 1725) was partly retained, for instance the fine wooden west gallery with the organ case from 1739. The communion rail, the pulpit and the figures of saints stem from the older church (mid-18th century) as well. The present neo-Gothic high altar was installed after the reconstruction of the church nave at the beginning of this century. Particularly noteworthy are the Calvary sculptures at the tower entrance from 1634 and several baroque statues of saints, especially the statue of the Heavenly Queen from the mid-18th century (left side altar). Source: <>