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Katholische Pfarrkirche St.Vitus

Kath. Kirche Lösnich
54492 Lösnich


The oldest church of Lösnich was first mentioned in 1066, when the residents of Lösnich buried the body of Archbishop Kuno from Trier in front of the church portal. Kuno, trying to escape his enemies, had fallen from a cliff at Ürzig before. In 1639, a new church building was erected, whose choir is still used as cemetery chapel today. The baroque high altar of St Vitus contains four twisted columns above the tabernacle. Between them is an expressive crucifixion group. The altar, which formerly belonged to the chapel of Lösnich castle, is crowned by the marriage crest of Kasimir Friedrich of Kesselstatt (✝1726) and Anna baroness of Metternich-Bourscheid (✝1719). The date of 1719 on the top of the altar indicates the year of construction. Next to the altar, Vitus, patron saint of the church, and St Rochus are depicted (both late 17th century). The left side altar is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. The right side altar shows a Sacred Heart of Jesus statue (19th century) amidst renaissance columns and surrounded by four statues of saints (18th century). Apart from that, the windows are also worth seeing. (source: