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Kirche" Maria Himmelfahrt"

Pfarreiengemeinschaft Blankenrath
An der Kirche 8
56865 Blankenrath

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Church “Maria Ascension”

The Romanesque church tower is a witness to this church. The nave was built east of it. In 1664, the church is said to have been destroyed by a fire, only the tower remained stationary. A temporary building was erected in great difficulty. In 1761, parish priest Andreas Strahl initiated the construction of today’s nave. In 1975 the church underwent a major renovation. The highlight of the renovation was the redesign of the altar room, which was carried out by the Vittler sculptor Hanns Scherl. The motif of the tree of life is decisive here, which blends harmoniously in form and colour with the existing group of the Way of the Cross and the picturesque design of the Church. In the design of the tabernacle, the presence of Christ is consciously emphasized in the sacrament of the altar. At the same time, care was taken to ensure that the altar and the tabernacle form a formal unity through the motif of the tree of life, so that the tabernacle seems to grow out of the altar.The church space as a whole is not disturbed by overloaded elements. The view of the visitor is above all on the altar room with the crucifixion group.

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