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"Kirchspiel" Wanderweg

"Kirchspiel" Wanderweg


"Kirchspiel"  footpath (The word "Kirchspiel" calls the geographic catchment area of a church municipality)

Walking route: The footpath connects the parish municipalities of Reidenhausen, Haserich, Panzweiler, Walhausen, Schauren, Hesweiler by circular walk from approx. 20-km length. Blankenrath is connected with these places radially. Start and Finish in the parish municipalities is the respective chapel and the parish church in Blankenrath. On the info boards put up there you can select 12 different distances of 2 – to 20-kilometre length arbitrarily. The distance guidance runs predominantly on very well fastened economic ways and forest ways and, hence, offers for Young and Old the best travelling conditions.

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