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Kochkurse im Restaurant Hotel Moselsteig

Hotel Moselsteig e.K.
Noviander Weg 1a, 3
54518 Osann-Monzel

Tel. (0049) 6535 944805
Fax (0049) 6535 944813



  Cooking courses from the chef From the buffet to the menu under the expert guidance of chef Harry Brösch. For further information please call us! cooking courses: 1st lobster and Mee(h)r! A lot of interesting information and practical tips about the delicacies from the deep sea!diving into the culinary world of the seas.preparation of lobster, shrimps, salmon in a salt crust, fish stock and seafood terrine and much more. 2. everything around the buffet! Create a complete cold-warm buffet. From crisp leaf and raw vegetable salads with refined garnishes Drialog of smoked trout, salmon and mackerel Fish tureens Filled poulard breasts Slices of the pink roast duck Beef steaks under an olive crustThe sweet finale, ice wine sorbet 3. marc meat cooked in the distillery Paring, cutting and marinating of pork salmon Stuffing and bridging of rolled roasts The pomace remains in the distillery over several distillation processes Making a roast jus Fruit variation flambéed with marc spirit Dates and prices on request Our house is a certified quality company of the umbrella brand Mosel.