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Leuchtpunkt Neefer Petersberg

Leuchtpunkt Neefer Petersberg

56858 Neef


Lighthouse hike Neefer Petersberg (6, 5 km, ascent and descent 200m)

Start the varied round walk at Brunnenplatz on the banks of the Moselle. It is worth taking a look at the medieval facade of Neef Castle, which is 30 m to the left. Via the ferry route, the square at the "Boar"; and the railway bridge you can reach the Neef wine locations "Rosenberg"; and "Frauenberg";. The ascent through the vineyards is rewarded at the Höhenkreuz, with a fantastic panoramic view over the entire Moselle loop. The hike continues to the Petersberg Chapel in the middle of the only high altitude cemetery on the Moselle and on to the former Roman mountain fortification Eulenköpfchen. The viewpoint Eulenköpfchen offers a wonderful view of the surrounding villages and the ruins of Kloster Stuben. Downhill to the former Franconian settlement of Rumpenheim amBurgberg and through the forest via the car park on the Petersberg to the panorama viewing bench and an information board to the highlight of biodiversity. Along species-rich Mediterranean rocks in the middle of the Neefer Frauenberg, the path leads via Studen back through the village to the starting point at Brunnenplatz.


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