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Marienbrunnen (Rosa-mystica-brunnen) Klausen

Unser Dorfladen/Tourist-Information Klausen
Eberhardstraße 10
54524 Klausen

Tel. (0049) 6578 985859



It is crowned by the cross flower, in which the fountain artist Silvio dell`Antonio referred to the two elementary components of Klausen: to the ecclesiastical area of Klausen with the cross flower as a recurring stylistic element of the Gothic pilgrimage church, and to the secular area, embodied by the inclusion of this flower as a component of the coat of arms of Klausen. Its central location makes it a popular meeting place for pilgrims and locals.
Directly next to the fountain there are three sales stands, popularly known as "stalls". The one on the left is run by several local associations, is open on many Sundays and offers various products, the proceeds of which are used for charitable purposes. The other two stands are open on many weekdays and are run by old-established Klausen citizens; here you can get not only numerous souvenirs of the place of pilgrimage but also the Klausen sugar pipes popular with the little pilgrims.