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Mittelalterlicher Marktplatz in Zeltingen-Rachtig

Mittelalterlicher Marktplatz
54492 Zeltingen-Rachtig


Until 1071, the townhall of the municipality, which included Zeltingen-Rachtig, Erden, Lösnich and Wolf, was located here. After the relocation of the administration offices, the 18th century building was turned into a shelter for homeless people by the local fire brigade. It was also used as “Bulles” prison. Arcades facing the street were suitable for small market stalls. The neighbouring tradespeople benefited from it. However, its demolition cleared the view of picturesque half-timbered buildings, which dominate the square today. The upper stream, built-over entirely today, used to be the source of fresh water for the residents. Every two years, the Moselle operetta “Zeltinger Himmelreich“ by Werner Stamm is staged on the market square by about 100 performers: History of the Cologne Electorate in 1780 becomes alive.