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Moselbahn GmbH, Bernkastel-Andel

MB Moselbahnverkehrsbetriebsgesellschaft mbH
Postfach 10 12 67
47402 Moers

Tel. (0049) 0049 6531 96800
Fax (0049) 0049 6531 968052



When the Moselbahn („Moselle train“) started rail traffic operation between Leiwen and Trier on April 1, 1903, only three different routes were on offer. Today, more than 100 years later, the company is bigger and more efficient than ever before. In September 2002, Moselbahn was taken over by Herresthal corporate group from Trier. The area of operation of the Moselbahn extends from Bullay on the Moselle via Zell, Traben-Trarbach, Bernkastel-Kues, Neumagen and Schweich through to Trier; it also covers large parts of the Western Eifel, including the cities of Bitburg and Neuerburg, as well as the Saargau and Saarburg city. Transnational transport services to Luxemburg - the smallest metropolis in the world, Echternach and Vianden are also part of the product range.