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Moselsteig "Seitensprung" Felsen.Fässer.Fachwerk

Moselsteig Seitensprung Felsen.Fässer.Fachwek

56859 St. Aldegund


Moselsteig Side trail  Felsen-Fässer-Fachwerk

This tour starts and ends in the historical town centre of Sankt Aldegund, in the holiday region of the Zeller Land. Romantic alleyways and half-timbered houses, the “Alte Kirche” (Old Church), a masterpiece of the Romanesque period, as well as winemaker houses with original openhall
kitchens and wine cellars invite guests to stay and enjoy. From the town centre, the trail takes you to the Raulwing-Platz, a forest relaxation location high above the town with fascinating views of the Mosel Valley. The impressive terraced landscape with dry walls and geologically
interesting geological rock formations are further highlights of this tour, as well as the largest population of wild growing box trees at the Mosel.

Local municipality St. Aldegund
Treis, Günter
Auf der Teusch 8
56858 St. Aldegund
Phone    +49 6542 2532
anfrage@felsen-faesser-fachwerk . de