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NOVIOMAGUS - ehemaliges Römerkastell

NOVIOMAGUS - ehemaliges Römerkastell
Hinterburg 8a
54347 Neumagen-Dhron

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On his journey from Bingen to Trier, the impressive panorama caused Roman poet Decimus Magnus Ausonius (about 330-393 AD) to state: “And finally, I caught sight of Noviomagus (Neumagen), the famed cam of sainted Constantine.” But all this fame should not blur one’s vision of the living conditions of large parts of the population on the Moselle. Due to the enormous financial demand of the military and the administration, a command economy was established. Subsequently, the whole region was ruined financially in the 4th century. Military significance of the Roman fort Neumagen The fortification was meant to protect the local population and was of vital military importance (in the protection of roads). The massive fundaments of both gates indicate square gates of 8-10 metres height. The slightly hollowed area in front of the gates is a remnant of former trenches. High and thick walls sought to prevent attacks with battering rams and scalding ladders. Broad battlements provided sufficient cover for the defenders. To approach the fort meant a high risk for attackers since the archers on the walls were unerring.