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Since 2004, the nature herb garden has evolved from a pure fresh herbs delivery service for restaurants to a show garden with seminary programme and potherbs garden. Besides the well-known kitchen herbs, all “weeds” are welcome here, standing next to culinary exotics and old or forgotten sorts in a holistic mixed culture. The special terroir of the Hunsrück and the conviction to take care of the plants in their own habitus, only with compost and love, produce diverse and almost forgotten aromas in the herbs. A small herb café was created in a site trailer on the suggestion of visitors in order to honour the delicacies from the garden. You can enjoy hearty and sweet herb dishes and drinks here. The café is open from May to October on every Sunday and public holiday from 11 am to 6 pm. Recently, they are also open on Saturdays from 2 to 6 o´clock pm.

In order to complete the “short holiday”, as visitors describe the stay in the garden, you can spend the night in the small bed and breakfast in the centre of the herb garden.