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Nikolauskapelle Reinsport

Touristinformation Piesport/Minheim
Heinrich-Schmitt-Platz 1
54498 Piesport

Tel. (0049) 6507 2027



Inside, there is a high altar made of wood with a carved figure of Nicolas between turned columns adorned with flowers and leaves and decorative flourishes, bordering the crowning open gable with the pietà.
The pietà from the mid-17th century shows the 14 auxiliary saints with an image of Mary in the centre and the inscription NOS CUM PROLE PIA BENEDICAT VIRGO MARIA (Mary with the blessed child, bestow your blessings upon us all). This wooden altar displaying the auxiliary saints was acquired by the then parson Mr. Schuhbach in an auction of artifacts from a former monastery church in the Rheingau region. In affection to Reinsport, a traditional fishing village, the Piesport fishing club graciously takes care of the maintenance of the chapel.