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Nitteler Fels Nature Reserve

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The Nitteler Fels Nature Reserve is located between Nittel and Wellen. Towering dolomite and limestone rocks create an impressive panorama and provide a habitat for endangered plants and animals, particularly for birds, insects, reptiles, bats and orchid species. The zone has a favourable climate, which can easily be seen in the great variety of plants. Numerous Mediterranean plant species such as orchards, amelanchier, European spindle, viburnum and boxwood grow here. This also includes orchid species which bloom in the dry grassland above the rocks. Also thriving here are hawthorn, sour cherry and cornel cherry. The favourable, continental climate is due to the protected position between the Gutland plateaus. We recommend a hike along the 4 km of rock trail. The car park in the Nittel sports grounds is an ideal starting point. There is an extensive route description in the Saar-Upper Moselle hiking guide.