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Oil Mill

Heimatverein Niedermennig

54329 Konz-Niedermennig

Tel. 0049 6501 17946



Below the local entrance to Niedermennig (coming from the direction of Konz) in the Konz valley is an old oil mill from the 19th century, which is of great historical technical significance. Rapeseed and nuts were the main items milled, during the two wars beechnuts were increasingly used. From 1943-1949 the oil mill was out of operation. It was then restored and put back into operation until it was finally decommissioned in 1967. Since the start of the 90s the mill has been determinedly restored and returned to its original condition. Meanwhile the slate rubble building has been repaired to an exemplary level and fitted with a new millwheel. Parts of the former technical equipment are contained in the interior. After completion of the works, the mill and wheelwork, which are up and running again, and the new pool system can be viewed.