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Oberburg Kobern-Gondorf
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t is known that the knights of Kobern carried the imperial eagle since 923 in their blazon, because they were imperial knights and were thus subject to the German kings and emperors.

In a document of the Archbishop Meginher 1129 Ludovicus de Couverna is mentioned as the first knight and Ministerialer. It can be assumed that the upper castle was a suitable residence for this office and existed long before the year 1129. Gerlach I. von Cobern-Isenburg came by marriage of the heiress of the Koberner nobility in the possession of the now outdated castle. He was threatened with a dispute with the Archbishop of Trier. Then he built in 1190 the Neuerburg (or Niederburg) and renewed the plant of Altenburg.

In 1195, the Altenburg is first mentioned in a document together with the Niederburg. According to this, Gerlach I of Cobern-Isenburg had to relinquish both castles to Archbishop Johann because he had built the Niederburg against the wishes of the archbishop. He gets both castles as a fief and becomes lord of the Bishop of Trier.

The present complex, located next to the Matthias Chapel, consists mainly of the lavishly restored keep with adjoining restaurant and wine bar. The remnants of the walls and the mighty, square keep still bear witness to the strength of the fortification built in the middle of the 12th century. The entire complex once included a courtyard of 40 x 110 m. The site was opened in 1988 by extensive archaeological excavations. On the castle hill were found prehistoric remains (probably from the Iron Age) as well as remains of a Roman settlement. Also discovered several post pits or holes, which come either from post houses or fortifications.

The rating as Celtic hill castle - ideal at this exposed point - is close. Another indication of the Celts is a 3 km long trail to Goloring, a Celtic place of worship. Already the Celts used this connection?

A secret that will probably remain hidden forever in the dark ...