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Bus tourism Feuerer

Omnibustouristik Feuerer
Bernkasteler Weg 9
54470 Bernkastel-Kues

Tel. (0049) 6531 8005
Fax (0049) 6531 7853



Feuerer Bustouristik is based in Bernkastel-Kues/ Andel and offers excursions to the region.
Let yourself be chauffeured: On the coach, you will get to see scenic landscapes, vibrant capitals and living cultures. Bus rides are relaxing, entertaining and sociable. Whether you are looking for day tours, events, short trips or holiday trips, you will find further information on their homepage. Every year, thousands of guests recommend Feuerer for their high-quality and yet cheap tours. Their programmes are composed with a lot of attention to detail. They comprise comfortable departure near your home, inclusive nights with breakfast or half board in selected contract hotels, guided tours with local guides and additional extras like sightseeing and boat tours. Visitor´s taxes and admission fees not included in the programme are subject to self-payment. Your advantage is obvious: By a simple call, you can book comfortable journeys with overnight stays and excursions, great programmes, sightseeing and additional services.
The bus driver is your friendly and competent contact person, who will be at your demand for all enquiries and questions. The tours are operated in 10 modern travel coaches, which are adjusted to customers´ needs. They have adjustable sleeping seats, air conditioning, on-board toilets, footrests, video and fridge / kitchen.
Safety: The safety of customers is at the heart of the company´s philosophy. All vehicles are regularly maintained in their own garage by a professional automobile technician. The buses are subject to official TÜV certification every three months. Don´t forget: Travel buses are the safest vehicle according to safety statistics. The drivers are professionals with many years of experience - and the new ones are thoroughly trained before they drive you to your destination. They regularly participate in training courses. Driving and resting times are strictly adhered to.