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Ortsgemeinde Bullay

Graf-Beisel-Str. 4
56859 Bullay

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Where the Brautrock (Bridal Gown) has the say ... Bullay -The "Gate to the Central Moselle" is always wide open for guests "Bullay's air makes you free" - this slogan could stem from a modern high-gloss magazine and would fit in well with many words of praise about Bullay. After all, the wine and R&R township along the Moselle received several awards in the competition "Mak e our village prettier." But the slogan is old and shows that Bullay also has an interesting history. As opposed to its neighbours, Bullay belonged to various lords of the Lower-Rhenish Knights of the Realm in the Middle Ages and wrote its own laws. Bailiffs of the Electoral Prince of Trier couldn't pursue criminals who had managed to flee to "Bullay's free air." Bullay was first mentioned in documents around 1150, the ending "lay" even goes back to Celtic origins. Far removed from the Celts and Electoral Princes, the focus today is on the "Cannon Railway." This is the "Historical railway culture trail" from Bullay to Reil, where you can discover culture at a hiking pace. The railway plays a big role anyway: the DB railway station Bullay, ICE stop, was extended to an environmental station as a model project of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. After a wine tasting you are safer taking the railway anyway as the "Bullayer Brautrock" packs a punch. The best known wine location in Bullay gets its name from a saga: an impoverished count wanted to marry his son to a rich vigneron's daughter. He had no money to pay for the wedding and gave his best vineyard to the bride's fa ther so that he could finance the wedding. The bride's father then transferred the vineyard to the couple, however, with the charge that the income from this vineyard should be for his daughter alone. This way, the vineyard could no longer be " boozed away" by the count's family.