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Ortsgemeinde Kobern-Gondorf

Ortsgemeinde Kobern-Gondorf
Lennigstraße 12-14
56330 Kobern-Gondorf

Tel. (0049) 2607 1057
Fax (0049) 2607 961946



The districts of Kobern and Gondorf stretch along the banks of the Moselle over a length of about three kilometers, about 17 kilometers from Koblenz and 33 kilometers from Cochem. The district Dreckenach is a bit off the Moselle on the Maifeld am Nothbach.

If there is such a thing as the DNA of the Moselan, then it is our cordiality. We can not help but welcome guests with open arms. Even if you have never been here before, you will feel right at home. In other words, we do not make a big secret about our sociability and openness. It only becomes mysterious when you sit comfortably with the winegrower in the evening by candlelight and at an advanced hour and listen to the story of the Tatzelwurm ...

We are really proud of Kobern-Gondorfer on our traditional place. We are really proud of our abundant culture and leisure facilities, which are unparalleled in a community with just 3,500 inhabitants.

Geographically, our wine village is located in the region of Untermosel - one of the warmest areas in Germany. Steep slate terraces climb steeply from the banks of the Moselle and frame our charming wine village, which gently nestles against the Moselle.

You would not be the first to succumb to our charm.
Many people can not and will not tear themselves away from Kobern-Gondorf. For what? Even if you think you already know everything here - you may also love more often times goodbye.