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Ortsgemeinde Neef

Ortsgemeinde Neef
Auf der Kehr 12
56858 Neef

Tel. (0049) 6542 2464


Neef - The starting point for climbing tours which are not without a touch of vertigo History has a big place value in Neef. The early Franconian (altitude) cemetery on the Petersberg and the Peters' Chapel are witnesses of the interesting past and part of the "Roman Road." In the historical city centre, signposts inform about its history which began in the Middle Ages and also includes the imposing Abbey ruins of Stuben, which is situated along the shores of the Mosel and one of its narrowest bends, like something from another world. The main product grown on the slate covered steep hillsides are the sophisticated Riesling wines. Well worth a visit are the Stove and Doll (on request) Museum, the precipitous crags, narrow paths and ravines which "drop" breathtakingly into the deeps and make a walk through the Calmont-Region unforgettable. We are talking about the Calmont via ferrara (iron path) whose impassable rock faces can only be overcome with the help of steel ropes, ladders and pitons and which is absolutely not the don thing for the faint at heart. The hike with an alpine character leads through Europe's steepest vineyard with a gradient of up to 68 degrees. The Calmont is symbol for the Riesling steep location viticulture and a unique, unsurpassed viniculture region. Together with Bremm and Ediger-Eller the community of Neef founded the cultural project "Calmont-Kloster Stuben-Petersberg." In addition to the steepest vineyard in Europe, the Petersberg on the Neefer Höhe with its network of hiking trails and the well developed cycling trails offer ideal conditions for an active holiday with wonderful views of the Vinicultural Region Mosel. All of this offers a delightful contrast programme to the wine tastings at the vignerons or in the wine tavern, where regional dishes are served with the wine. In addition to the restaurants and wine taverns, the comfortable guest houses, bed-and-breakfast places and holiday apartments also offer Mosel region hospitality. Neef also sports a lovely mobile home park with power supply for 120 vehicles.


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