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Ortsgemeinde Niederfell

Ortsgemeinde Niederfell
Schulstraße 4
56332 Niederfell

Tel. (0049) 2607 308
Fax (0049)2607 960040



The quiet village at the Mosel Niederfell is located behind the Embankment on gently rising ground, while one hand pull the vineyards outside the local part Kühr up the Moselle along the slope, on the other hand grow up tributary of Aspelbaches on the southern slope of the Dieblicher mountain. Below Niederfell a road bridge connects the two banks. a number of well-preserved half-timbered houses suggest of the "kurtrierische" history in the village. The Aspelbachtal leads far into the Hunsrück, in the hiking area "Oberfeller Schweiz". Niederfell is known for its events, particularly for the winery festival, which is organized by the Niederfeller winemakers.