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Ortsgemeinde Oberfell

Ortsgemeinde Oberfell
Schulstraße 2
56332 Oberfell

Tel. (0049) 2605 4484
Fax (0049) 2605 84252



The Holy Trinity Church built in the 13 centuryon is located at the Bleidenberg, the local mountain of Oberfell. From this flat plateau of the soldiers of the Elector of Trier and Cologne 1245-1248 shelled the opposite Burg Thurant. The time perhaps erected in gratitude for the victory of worship developed into a famous pilgrimage church. A document of 1296 witnessed high church prominence as pilgrims, even the Bishop of Jerusalem at that time attended the Bleidenberg. With its views of the Moselle Valley and the highlands of the Eife,l it is still a popular destination of guests from Oberfell. Today Oberfell counts about 1250 inhabitants. Oberfell is favored by the valley, in one of the warmest regions in Germany. From here you have a lot of opportunities to explore the area. Koblenz is only 20 km away.