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St. Aldegund - The wine town attracts plenty of attention with sensational findings While 2007 was fully dedicated to Constantine in Trier and three exhibitions illuminated the life of the "famous" Roman, dealing with the Emperor is nearly an old hat for the citizens of St. Aldegund. While working in the vineyards in 1953 a large stone plate with early Christian symbols was unearthed. Archaeologists were most surprised by the find, because
under the heavy lid they found a woman's grave with rare and valuable funerary objects. From the point of view of the expert world, this was a sensational find, after all the grave was from the period of Emperor Constantine (306-337 AD.). The most splendid piece from amongst numerous exquisite cups, bottles and pots was a deep blue glass bowl in the form of a ship. Such a rare piece had only ever been found before in Pompeii. The mighty stone ashlars of the grave are now placed on the attractive "Roman Fountain Square" at the exit of the village. These traces of settlement (there are also some Celtic traces) are therefore obviously older than the documented mention of "Sanctam Aldegundam" in 1097.
The wine trade has flourished since the late Middle Ages. The town was a boat mooring point for towed boats - the boats were pulled upstream by horses. A relief on the "Bugramm-Platz" (village square) in the southern village centre provides information about these times and the nickname linked with the towed shipping of "Burgramm" for St.Aldegund and "Bugrammer" for its inhabitants. Well worth a visit in St. Aldegund are the old
village centre with narrow, crooked laneways and very well kept half-timber and burgher houses from the 17th and 18th century, as well as the "Dwarf school" built in 1523 with only one classroom. As a result of the barrage, the Moselle extends almost like a small lake throughout the whole
valley and offers excellent water sports facilities as an alternative to hiking and cycling tours.

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