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Mule packing in the highlands between Saar and Moselle

Schulstraße 15
54441 Mannebach

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Mannebach is situated in an idyllic green location, between Saar and Moselle, and is the ideal starting point for exciting hikes. For those who'd like to experience something a little bit different, we recommend hiking with pack mules. The mules are very patient and obedient companions, who can carry baggage (up to about 40kg), provisions or even a tired child. Children in particular will enjoy hiking through the wilderness while accompanied by these adorable mules. Half-day and day tours are possible, as well as multi-day round trips starting and ending in Mannebach. These tours can be undertaken with experienced and knowledgeable guides, who can also point out interesting facts about the mules and the landscape, or the mules can be hired without guides. If you choose the latter option, you will of course first be given some training on how to care for the mules and the correct way to pack the animals. The tours take place throughout the year by appointment. Prices available on request.