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Pedelec-/E-Bike-/Fahrradverleih Landhaus Kuntz

Landhaus Kuntz
Schloßbergstr. 23
54470 Lieser

Tel. 0049 6531 3875
Fax 0049 6531 915499



The right address for anyone who wants to enjoy cycle tours alongside the enchanting riverside of the Middle Moselle: Intact nature, hospitable people, 2000 years of culture and viticulture that formed the landscape. Cycling alongside Moselle River is a great experience. More and more cycling paths were created and are constantly extended - alongside the river, through the valleys and across the hills, but always comfortable to master.
Get to know the country and its people - and boost your fitness along the way.

Rental fees per day
E-bikes € 18,- to € 25,-.
Trekking and touring bikes: € 8,- to € 10,-.
Longer rental periods on demand.