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Piesporter Meilenstein

Piesporter Meilenstein
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One Gallic league corresponds to about 2.222 km, 18 Gallic leeches are then about 40 km. Piesport was located on the ancient highway Trier-Mainz, which was later also called Ausoniusstraße. It served the Roman troops as a deployment and supply road. Along these Roman roads, milestones or denial stones indicated the distance to the nearest important settlement or town. At that time this was Augusta Treverorum (today Trier), in its heyday the capital of the Western Roman Empire.
Since Emperor Augustus these stones with their inscriptions also glorified the deeds of the respective rulers. With the naming of the reigning emperor a dating of the streets is possible today. Above Piesport in 1921 such a Leugenstein was found on the Roman road. The stone was erected in the year 213 A.D. for the regency of Emperor Caracalla, 18 Gallic Leugen were removed from Trier. One Gallic league corresponds to approx. 2.222 km, 18 Gallic leeches are then about 40 km. Caracalla was the nickname of the Roman emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antonius (211-217 AD).

Translation of the inscription:
The emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonius, the pious, fortunate and sublime, the mighty conqueror of the Parthians and Britons, high priest, tribune of the people for the 2nd time, consul for the 3rd time, brave and great prince, pacifier of the world has restored the bridges and roads destroyed by age, of Trier 18 Leugen Before you see a replica - the original can be seen in the Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier.