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Explore new areas! Are you already familiar with the bike trails in the Saar-Upper Moselle region and do you want to discover new areas? Then we recommend our bike bus. With a small bus with a bike attachment from Saar-Upper Moselle Tourist Board, we’ll take you and your bike to Luxembourg, Echternach, Saarschleife, Thionville or Bernkastel-Kues. From there you can cycle back to the point of departure in Konz or Saarburg. Tour 1: Luxembourg - The Sauer: wild and pristine (approx. 60 – 70 km) Bus transfer to the Kirchberg Plateau in the city of Luxembourg. This is where the bike trail begins, through the picturesque scenery of the Müllerthal with cliffs and running streams to the mediaeval city of Echternach. You'll reach your departure point along the Sauer bike trail. Tour 2: Thionville (F) – The Upper Moselle: very European (approx. 60 – 75 km) Bus transfer to Thionville in France. You’ll cycle along the Upper Moselle over Sierck-les-Bains and Apach to Perl. Further along the Moselle bike trail the tour leads through romantic wine country back to the point of departure. Tour 3: Bernkastel-Kues – The Central Moselle: romantic river bows (approx. 70 – 80 km) Bus transfer to Bernkastel-Kues. Bike tour along the Central Moselle with its numerous river bows through Neumagen-Dhron, Schweich and Trier to your departure point. Tour 4: Orscholz – The renowned Saar Loop (30 - 45 km) Bus transfer to Orscholz. From here you can take a look at the renowned Saar Loop. It's then followed by a comfortable downhill journey to Mettlach. You'll reach your departure point along the Saar bike trail. Tour 5: Hermeskeil - Romantic Ruwertal (60 - 70 km) Transfer with the bike bus to Hermeskeil. From there cycle along the disused railway line of the Ruwer-Hochwald bike trail. The route leads through Reinsfeld and Kell am See towards Ruwer. Info: for groups of 4–16 people. Individual travellers can join with existing groups. Information available from the tourist information offices in Konz and Saarburg. Cost: depending on the tour and the number of participants, from €15 per person incl. bike