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Raum einer römischen Villa/ Römerkeller in Kenn

Heimatmuseum Kenn
Im Ecken 11
54344 Kenn

Tel. (0049) 6502 2391



Life in Kenn in the 2nd century AD had style and was luxurious. Numerous finds from a luxurious Roman villa – including columns, marble panels, the remains of mosaics and wall paintings, as well as passageways, vaults and walls – bear witness to a luxurious Roman villa. All that can be seen today is a long Roman cellar with three sections next to the Heimatmuseum, and the copy of a Roman statue – a spring nymph. The underground room is sometimes used for wine-tastings. It is open from Easter to November only Sundays from 2 – 4 pm. The front cellar is open, the two at the back can be viewed through a grill.
Original finds can be seen in the neighbouring Heimatmuseum (opening times as for the Roman cellar). Copies are also on display in the cellar.


open Easter - november every Sunday 2-4 p.m., free entrance