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Rebglück – Günther Weine

Rebglück GmbH
Mittelstraße 1
56332 Burgen

Tel. (0049) 176 3427 6247



Rebglück® are wines from the Moselle valley. The grapes ripen along the river in a sunny and partly steep location.

Rebglück® are real wines. Wines with passion. We understand the vine as luck. Happiness, which we express in our wines and make them what they are - happiness.

Günther winegrowing for over 100 years and that in the 4th generation. Wines that are made with love.

Rebglück-Weinbart: we will be open from Tuesday to Thursday from 14.00 to 20.00 and are looking forward to seeing many old and new acquaintances again.

We are a proud family winery and look forward to your visit.

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