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Roman wine press

Römische Kelteranlage
An der Römerkelter 30
54484 Maring-Noviand


Visitations of the Roman wine press in Maring-Noviand are possible by appointment for groups of 7 or more. Themed hiking tours of up to two hours with Riesling wine tasting at the estate are available to. The visitation of the Roman wine press of Maring-Noviand is free of charge, car park at the wine press. RMV public transport brings you from Wittlich main station or from Bernkastel-Kues, respectively, to Maring-Noviand within about 15 min. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays bus stop “Umgehung Noviand” (bypass road), then 30m to Brunnenstraße; On working days bus stop “Kirche” (church), 10 min walk in direction of Mühlenhof, small bridge over Östelbach and then right to the wine press amidst the vineyards of Noviand. The Roman wine press site is mainly opened on Saturday mornings and by appointment.