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Schutzhütte Hochgerichtsheide

Heimat- und Verkehrsverein
Hauptstr. 1
54483 Kleinich

Tel. (0049) 6536 93900



This hut is situated in the “Hochgerichtsheide”. In the Middle Ages, Kleinich played an important part as seat of the high court. The feudal lords subsumed several villages to so-called high courts (Hochgerichte), where law was executed. The area of jurisdiction of the high court of Kleinich encompassed the villages of Kleinich, Thalkleinich, Oberkleinich, Hochscheid, Horbruch, Wederath, Ilsbach, Götzeroth, Emmeroth, Pilmeroth, Kautenbach, Fronhofen, Beuren and Irmenach. The place of execution with the gallows was on a hill in the heath near Wederath, which is still called “Hochherichtsheide” (high court heath) today. The post road led past it and the gallows were visible over a long distance in order to caution passers-by not to go astray. The high court also judged in cases of capital crimes.