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Karlstraße 13 am Markt
54470 Bernkastel-Kues

Tel. (0049) 6531 7476



The truss, which overhangs on three sides, was not exposed until 1914. Because of the fire risk, the half-timbering had been plastered over in the years before. The pretty bay window and the half-timbered facades bear witness to the traditional architecture on the Moselle.
 The construction of the sharpened house symbolizes the transition from Renaissance to Baroque in a vivid and vivid way.

Winegrower's house and wine tavern
It is at the same time a typical example of old Moselle winegrowers' houses with its slate wine cellar with oak beams, the upper floors projecting on both sides and the high roof storage for winter food and pets. Inside the cottage, on the ground floor, is now the wine tavern of the Schmitz-Herges family vineyard.