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St. Johanneskirche

Ortsgemeinde Hatzenport
Moselstraße 70
56332 Hatzenport

Tel. (0049) 2605 952371
Fax (0049) 2605 952372



Only the tower is from this period, the nave and choir date from the period around 1480. The most valuable piece of the church is the window with the crucifixion on the left side altar, which also dates from around 1480. It is attributed to a South German master. The pulpit and the baptismal font date from 1600, the Baroque side altars from 1669, the middle altar from the Napoleonic period. A counterpart of the iron forged chandelier hangs in the castle Eltz. The coat of arms of the Hatzenport Schöffen and the coat of arms of the Hochreichsschultheiß of Münstermaifeld, to whose district Hatzenport belonged, are located in the two windows of the left chorus. The flag shows the two parish priest St. Roch and St. John Apostle and Evangelist