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Wassertretanlage Pünderich

56862 Pünderich

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Pünderich - Wine village with charm and character, where everyone turns into a half-timber (house) fan Is it the ferry, which still crosses? Is it the climbing roses and vines, or the streets in the old village centre paved with basalt stones? Whatever it is: Pünderich has a magic touch. "Quiet corners and squares invite you to sit down, sunbake and dream," is the description given on the Internet pages of the community. Pünderich is a state recognised health resort, which has grown from the historical tradition of an ancient wine village. The village centre with its remarkable half-timber houses has been retained nearly completely. There is the old ferry house, which dates back to 1621, the Gothic former town hall, as well as old press and tithe houses - and each has its own story to tell. Remnants of the old ring wall fortifications also still stand. A little jewel of the community is the parish church with its colourful stained glass windows, the Baroque altar, the Stummorgan and the original baptismal font from Marienburg Abbey. Also well worth a visit is the barrel gauging facility, one of the few still completely retained systems, which can today be seen as a small museum and is evidence of Pünderich's wine culture. A Mosel ferry traffics between the two banks of the river as connection to one of the most beautiful viewing points, the Marienburg, which can be reached by way of 444 steps along the wine teaching trail. There you will also find the starting point for a hike across the "Historical Railway Culture Trail" Bullay-Reil - the "Cannon Railway" or to the cycling trail. The two camping placse and the mobile home park are locate directly along the Moselle. A typical Mosel atmosphere is represented in the "dining" establishments, in Wine tavern, as well as in the wine tastings in the wineries. The wines from Pünderich's southern location have an excellent name. Local mayor Junk, Hans-Werner Raiffeisenstr. 3 (Gemeindehaus) 56862 Pünderich Phonel.: (0049) 6542 - 2889