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Steinkammergrab St. Aldegund

Spätrömisches Steinkammergrab
Am Römerbrunnenplatz
56858 St. Aldegund

Tel. (0049) 6542 2532



Look at these heavy stone slabs: The Romans spared no effort to protect the rest of the dead, which they succeeded in doing here for centuries. In this stone chamber they buried a woman, who wrapped her in a precious brocade and furnished her with rich grave goods for the last journey. Did it come from the manor that was discovered nearby? Or from the late Roman hilltop settlement on the Hangelenberg? There's no inscription that could tell more about her. But the additions are remarkable, especially the blue glass vessel in the shape of a ship. Today you can admire it in the Landesmuseum on the Ehrenbreitstein fortress in Koblenz.

Perhaps the Romans regularly visited the nearby temple complex on the Calmont? Surely she was grateful for the elevation fortification on the Petersberg diagonally opposite, which offered a certain protection against looting barbarian hordes. The Moselle Valley was an important traffic artery with many travellers. By the way: viticulture already existed at that time. Maybe she liked a glass of wine?

A stop on the streets of the Romans.


The Steinkammergrad is open to the public all year round.

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