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Sybille Kuntz Weingut

Sybille Kuntz Weingut
Moselstr. 25
54470 Lieser

Tel. (0049)6531 91000
Fax (0049)6531 91001



At Sybille Kuntz wine estate in wine and holiday village Lieser on the Moselle, solely Riesling is grown on slate steep slopes. "Niederberg-Helden" in Lieser is the most important site. Its Riesling vines are ungrafted and up to 100 years old. The Spätlese (late harvest) and Auslese (select harvest) wines produced here are dry to semi-dry, Beeren- and Trockenbeerenauslese (select berry harvestand select dry berry harvest) are “edelsüß”, which means that they have a unique sweetness. The Riesling wines taste pure, full-bodied and concentrated. They are among the best in Germany. Since 1990, the estate has complied to the standards of organic viticulture. In 2013, it was eco-certified. SYBILLE KUNTZ Moselle Rieslings have international customers - mostly haute cuisine restaurants and traditional wine traders.