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Tal der 13 Mühlen- Kattenes

Ortsgemeinde Löf- Kattenes
Alte Moselstraße 13
56332 Löf-Kattenes

Tel. (0049) 2605 2891



The Mühltal always attracts cyclists and pedestrians - who consciously face the steep challenge. Brunhilde Thelen is with her husband. The retail merchant comes from Essen. She deliberately decided seven years ago for the very special life here in the Mühltal. This also includes: to bring your own garbage cans once a week down to the valley - either on foot or by car. Because the garbage collection here comes up the steep road not at all high. Since she can not park in front of her house due to lack of space with her car, she also has to lug quite a bit otherwise. Last but not least, all the jugs and cups that are now part of their more than 1000-piece coffee collection.