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WeinGut Benedict Loosen Erben

WeinGut Benedict Loosen Erben
Würzgartenstraße 1
54539 Ürzig

Tel. (0049)6532 9459092
Fax (0049)6532 2204



Sited at Ürzig on the Moselle River, Benedict Loosen wine-growing estate manages 0.5 hectares of vineyards - exclusively on the steep slopes of “Ürziger Würzgarten”. Some of the ungrafted Riesling vines are up to 80 years old. Cultivation of the vines is done by hand. The landmark of Ürzig, a big sundial (“Ürziger Sonnenuhr”), and remains of a robber knight´s castle from 1066 are on the family property. Guests can experience that vineyard spirit on a guided hike with the winemaker through the steep slopes of the vineyard.