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Weingut Baldes

Weingut Baldes
Marientaler Au 5
56856 Zell-Kaimt

Tel. +49 6542 41227



If we were to describe our winery with one word, this word would be "family business". Without the 'family', the 'business' would not be possible. In the 80's our grandma Elli, as a young widow, took over the former Mesenich winery and laid the foundation for today's winery. With the support of their daughter Maria and son-in-law Uwe Baldes, they planted new areas and steadily expanded the business over the years. Since 2016 the daughters Franziska and Lydia, as well as their husband Maximilian Franzen, have been bringing a breath of fresh air to the farm with their 'Young Generation Wines'. Through our Maximilian, the focus on the Rieslings from the steep slopes was strengthened. He himself comes from a traditional winery in Bremm on the Moselle and spent his childhood in what is probably the steepest vineyard in Europe, the Bremmer Calmont. From his parents, Iris and Ulrich Franzen, the passion for the Moselle hillsides is probably simply in his blood. Especially the origin of the Zeller Schwarze Katz “das Zeller Petersborn Kabertchen” are the heart project of Lydia and Maximilian, which they created in the collection #Franzen1 #Franzen2 and #Franze3. Our youngest in the family business, Franziska Baldes, has put her own idea of a “Zeller schwarzer Katz” Riesling into the bottle with her wine “Vinum Amor Filia. ” By the way, whoever pays close attention to our labels and has already visited us in the winery, has certainly already seen our secret star in the winery. Our homecater “Jacky” He’s our very personal Zeller black cat. Since September 21, 2019, it has been called “Four Generations and a Black Cat” We are very proud of our great-grandson, grandson, son & nephew Toni Elias Franzen.


For enquiries please contact us by phone at +49 6542 41227