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Weingut Bauer GbR

Weingut Bauer GbR
Moselstraße 3
54486 Mülheim/Mosel

Tel. (0049) 0049 6534 571
Fax (0049) 0049 6534 570



If you are on a holiday in the Moselle region, you should visit Bauer wine-growing estate at Mülheim. The Bauer family proudly looks back to over 300 years of viticulture on their property. Currently, 8 hectares are cultivated, spread upon the world famous vineyard sites “Brauneberger Juffer”, “Mülheimer Sonnenlay”, “Mülheimer Elisenberg”, “Veldenzer Elisenberg” and “Veldenzer Kirchberg”. The "royal child" is the Riesling, which shines among all wines grown on the steep slate slopes of the Moselle with incredible diversity and finesse. Nevertheless, feeling obliged to offer their guests a variety of wines, the Bauer family also produces other wines. Expertise in winemaking also means to merge tradition and innovation in viticulture to a coherent whole. "Quality over quantity", is the motto applied in the vineyards: A careful first cut of the vines and targeted thinning of green grapes in late summer supply high-quality grapes for the fall. A late, selective hand-picking from October to November provides the icing on the cake. In the cellar, the primary objective is to obtain what nature has provided in the vineyards, true to the slogan "as little as possible and as much as necessary" - because great wines need a lot of rest during vinification.