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Weingut Bernd Kilburg

Weingut Bernd Kilburg
Moselweinstr. 13
54472 Brauneberg

Tel. (0049) 6534 1351
Fax (0049) 6534 8438



At Kilburg wine estate in the holiday resort Brauneberg on the Moselle, wine was already made in the times when Christopher Columbus set off on the search for a sea route to India - and discovered America. Undoubtedly a respectable tradition! Today, the estate is run in the 18th generation. Characteristically of this long tradition is the unchanged strive for quality. Stick to best practice and enhance where there is still room for improvement; in this spirit, every generation has done their best, so that today a wide range of white and red wines can be offered. Anyone who comes across this family business will soon discover their passion for wine.