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Weingut Fries

Weingut Fries
Zum Brauneberg 16
54484 Maring-Noviand

Tel. (0049)6535 493
Fax (0049)6535 1505



The Fries winery is located on the outskirts of Maring-Noviand, a small side valley of the Moselle near Bernkastel. The owner is Markus Fries. After studying in Geisenheim/Rheingau and Bordeaux/France (Faculté d'Oenologie) he is the 8th generation of the Fries family to manage the winery. It is primarily cultivated Riesling.

We make Riesling differently, especially, also to think. For our customers we want to offer high quality wines, wines that show their origin and are authentic, far away from the crowd. No frills, no tricks, pure wine! Steep slopes are lived and wanted, the more steep the better.

The vineyards are located on the steep slopes of Bernkastel, Liesertal, Wehlen and Ürzig. A large part of the area is planted with root-genuine and very old vines. Each vineyard has its own special character. Each type of soil in combination with the location and its associated microclimate results in a unique wine with a specific character. The winery is currently in the conversion phase to organic viticulture.
Slate is the classic location for Riesling. There are many good wine sites. However, the "master class" is undisputedly the steep slope. Only it has the microclimate and the soil that turns a good Riesling into a great Riesling. Steep slopes are lived and wanted, the more the better.