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Weingut Gilles

Weingut Gilles
Kirchberger Str. 18
56253 Treis-Karden

Tel. +49 2672 7403



The Gilles Wine Estate is situated in Treis-Karden on the Moselle River, approx. 12 km downstream from Cochem, where the wines offered here grow in the sunny vineyards of Treiser Treppchen and Treiser Kapellenberg.


The vineyards are all steep-sloped with an incline of up to 70%.

Special machines can only be used here to a limited extent. Most work, and particularly the grape picking, is done by hand. Of course, handpicking means better selection of grapes. The steep slopes, with their weathered slate soils, similarly provide ideal conditions for the grapes’ ripening process.

The latest possible harvest, gentle grape processing, and controlled fermentation mean the wines and sparkling wines are of the highest quality.

You will see this for yourself when you taste them.