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Weingut Gunther Matheus

Weingut Gunther Matheus
Auf der Kaub 34
54498 Piesport

Tel. (0049) 6507 5138
Fax (0049) 6507 992228



Matheus family wine estate is sited in Piesport holiday resort on the Moselle River. Great emphasis is laid on environmentally friendly, close to nature and quality-oriented vineyard maintenance. Summer time is dedicated to pruning; In autumn the grapes are left enough time to fully ripen. After the controlled fermentation process, the coarse yeast is skimmed and the wines stay on the fine yeast until bottling. This way, wines of the finest quality with high aging potential are produced. To awaken the soul of the wine, bring out its special touch, its remarkable charm and honest character, is the goal of the winery.