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Weingut Herrenhof

Weingut Herrenhof
Klausenerstr. 2
54518 Minheim

Tel. (0049)6507 5769
Fax (0049)6507 6855



Herrenhof wine estate is a small, traditional winery located at the heart of Minheim, a lovable holiday village on the Moselle. It is a renowned cultural heritage site. The inner courtyard in particular is ideal for enjoyment and relexation. The wine gives the beat for the winemaker´s job. Every season has its sensations, from spring to autumn, when the grapes are picked. Guests are always welcome in Herrenhof wine estate with its amiable guest rooms. Enjoy their hospitality and experience boisterous cheerfulness at a wine tasting. Winemaker Andrea offers well-tended wines - only from their own vineyard.