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Weingut Karp-Schreiber

Weingut Karp-Schreiber
Moselweinstr. 186
54472 Brauneberg

Tel. (0049) 6534 236
Fax (0049) 6534 790



The Karp-Schreiber winery is located in the holiday resort of Brauneberg. The family has been growing wine since 1664. In the locations Brauneberger Juffer and Juffer-Sonnenuhr the wines are cultivated. The emphasis is on a consistent observation of nature as well as a ripeness examination before the harvest. The winery was awarded the title "Überduchschnittliches Weingut" by the wine magazine Eichelmann in 2018. The magazines Wine & Spirits and Wine Enthusiast awarded high scores for the wines of the winery. Wine tastings can take place by appointment.