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Mertes Winery

Weinhaus Mertes
Weinbergstr. 13
54518 Minheim

Tel. (0049) 6507 2259
Fax (0049) 6507 701042



In Minheim on the Moselle, a wine and holiday resort that is also known as the “sun island”, travelers can come and see Matthias Mertes wine-growing estate. Imposing 14 hectares of vineyards are cultivated in this young father-and-son business. Father Manfred brought the originally small winery on track, bought additional vineyards, modernized the cellar and buildings and recognized the potential of red wine in the Moselle region early on. In the cellar, budding winemaker and viticulture technician Mathias is responsible for producing expressive, wholesome wines. With a lot of enthusiasm, he brings his ideas about good wine into the world. The estate´s philosophy embraces innovative spirit just like maintenance and development of tradition. Thus, besides the classic Riesling in its various maturation styles, interesting varieties such as Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer also have their place in the assortment. Another merit of the estate are its modern apartments. Come and enjoy your stay at the “sun island” at Matthias Mertes wine estate!