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Weingut Schiffmann-Junk

Weingut Schiffmann-Junk
Moselweinstr. 146
54472 Brauneberg

Tel. (0049)6534 940352
Fax (0049)6534 940353



Schiffmann-Junk wine estate is located in Brauneberg holiday village, in the heart of the Middle Moselle. First documented in 1624, it has been in family property ever since. Vineyards in the sites of „Brauneberger Juffer“, „Juffer Sonnenuhr“ and “Mandelgraben” are cultivated. In the steep slope vineyards, selective handpicking is practiced. Afterwards, the grapes are gently pressed and matured individually. The Riesling wines of the estate are characterized by delicate acidity, minerality, fruitiness and - last but not least - by their low alcohol content. They preserve tradition and invite modernity in this estate. The results are first-class wines. In the tavern, the "Juffer Weinstube", the wines can be tasted. The kitchen offers small, tasty meals matching the wines.