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Schmitges Winery

Weingut Schmitges
Weinbergstraße 1
54518 Minheim

Tel. (0049) 6507 26 78
Fax (0049) 6507 67 33



The Schmitges winery is located in idyllic Minheim. The family has been growing wine on the Moselle since 1622. Besides wines and sparkling wine, they also produce brandies. The wines are cultivated in the sites Minheimer Burglay, Minheimer Kapellchen, Minheimer Rosenberg and Minheimer Günterslay as well as in the Kestener Paulinsberg and Erdener Treppchen. You can taste the wines at a wine tasting, also in the historic vaulted cellar. You can stay overnight at the winery in the guest rooms of the winery.